Translating Bangladeshi literary works in English to make them more accessible is another aspect of BSK UK. We work with writers, publishers and academia in the UK and in Bangladesh to make our translation project a success.

The book ‘একাত্তরের শহীদ ডাঃ আলীম চৌধুরী’ written by Shyamali Nasreen Choudhury was translated in English titled ‘Dr. Alim, A Martyr of 1971’ by Manoshi Quayes and Farah Naz in partnership with Loughborough University Migrant Memory and Postcolonial Identity project (MMPI). The launching ceremony was chaired by Prof. Emily Keightley with panel discussion and members were Shyamali Nasreen Choudhury and her daughters -Dr Nuzhat Chaudhury and Farzana Chaudhury, Prof. Abdullah Abu Sayeed, Poet Shamim Azad, the translators and participants from Bangladesh, USA and the UK.